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About OBM Digital Factory

Who is OBM?

OBM Digital Factory is part of OBM, a full service marketing agency from the Netherlands. OBM Digital Factory was founded after an increased interest from our customers to expand into technical solutions. A team of digital experts has been formed to support this wish. The organization was launched in 2018. Solutions for the DPG, Keen, Jack & Jones were launched to support their marketing goals.

Why OBM Digital Factory?

During our development road trip we realized the challenges of growth within a development team. The job market posed a challenge in delivering high-quality job applications. Necessary to continue to support our customers in the right way.


The shortage on the labor market, Corona and an adjustment of the ambitions from the organization have led to the establishment of a new organization in Sri Lanka. A collaboration with SEBSA has resulted in a development hub with a social character. We not only support our clients in Europe with qualified and experienced developers, but also support the development of young professionals from Sri Lanka towards a successful career. Want to know more about our partner SEBSA? Go to the partners page!

Services we provide

Finding the right way to develop the technical solution you need can be hard. Can’t find developers? Struggling to scale up your team? Or do you simply need guidance during the development process? We are here to help and expand your digital experience.

Hire developers -w hite

Grow your team or create a dedicated team. Hire developers for the creation, migration or maintenance of software and mobile applications. This is possible with a team from Sri Lanka, but can also be supported and guided from our office in the Netherlands.

Outsourcing - white

We will handle all the tasks necessary for your development project. This includes solution, design, development, project management and DevOps.


Expand your digital expertise!

Ready to take your digital expertise to the next level? Get in touch and we’ll help you build your ideal development team or application!

Prepare for 2023!

The end of the year is approaching, so new challenges for the new year are emerging. Building a development team, scaling your in-house development team or looking for a partner to build your mobile application, software or website? Leave your details for a quick speed date and discover what we can do for you!