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Let experts build your digital solution

We will handle all the tasks necessary for your development project. This includes solution, design, development, project management and DevOps.


What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing a project means you hire a third-party (in this case us) to perform tasks or provide a service for your company. You don’t have to arrange any resources, since we will use our own. Outsourcing is a good way to allow your internal development team to focus on other tasks, or to develop custom software without having a team at all. 

Tech stack

Our developers follow training and education to stay abreast of the latest digital developments. This way we can continue to make the difference for you. Not only on price, but also on development level. Among other things, our customers are supported with the following tech stack.






Node js














Our developers

Our organization mainly focuses on the best developers in Sri Lanka. All developers within our organization have a university background and speak English in addition to their mother tongue. Depending on the wishes, the right experience and competences are sought. We look for developers that can be deployed to be able to offer our customers the right quality.

Same Time Zones

Our developers from Sri Lanka work within the European time zone. This results in higher productivity and more efficient daily interaction.

English spoken

All of our developers are fully bilingual and share the same cultural values as the Western world. They communicate in English effortlessly.

Skilled IT talent

We receive new applicants on daily base. After a thorough evaluation, we select the right developer to work on your projects. 

The process

Every outsourcing project is different and can be altered to fit your needs. The steps below show the process we use to finish the project in a proper way.

When is it a good choice?

Ready to outsource your project?

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Prepare for 2023!

The end of the year is approaching, so new challenges for the new year are emerging. Building a development team, scaling your in-house development team or looking for a partner to build your mobile application, software or website? Leave your details for a quick speed date and discover what we can do for you!