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Become a Business Partner

Robert and Muthu

We understand the challenges involved in finding the right developers for your team, retaining talent, and continuously training your team to make a difference with IT technologies in the future. This was the reason for us to launch a partner program. With our offices in the Netherlands and Sri Lanka, we offer options that not only deliver the right quality and flexibility, but are also cost-saving and efficient when recruiting the right developers.

Why become partner?

We are specifically looking for partners who want to take final responsibility in Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Spain. Are you ready to create your own success and at the same time be part of a bigger picture that strives for innovation and quality in the tech world?

Access to talent

As a partner, you get access to a pool of talented, English-speaking IT professionals who are used to working within the European time zone and according to European standards. 

Recruitment and selection

As a partner, you benefit from the recruitment and selection options of OBM Digital Factory. For vacancies for which no staff are yet active within OBM Digital Factory, a recruitment and selection process will be started free of charge.

Personal support

We take the time to find the right match for your project needs. Our employees receive ongoing support and training, and we take responsibility for their social security contributions, pension and training costs. 

Your staff, but working for us

As a partner, OBM Digital Factory takes care of all concerns regarding employee obligations. Employees who work for you will be employed by OBM Digital Factory. We provide all HR facilities necessary.


As a partner of OBM Digital Factory you will always be offered the best hourly rates. We strive to charge rates that are at least 50% lower than the rates charged in Europe.

Cost reducation

As a partner you benefit from very competitive rates for developers from Sri Lanka. We strive for very high quality for a very attractive rate.


Employees hired through us are encouraged to broaden and deepen their competencies. In this way, we strive to continue to exceed wishes at every experience level. 

Social contribution

By becoming a partner, you make a direct contribution to a more equal world. At OBM Digital Factory, we open doors to new opportunities for Sri Lanka and providing a promising future.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Enjoy significant cost savings without sacrificing work quality.
  • Gain effortless access to a global talent pool.
  • Experience the flexibility to tailor services to your unique project needs.
  • Receive complete support and development opportunities for team members.
  • Be part of a growing network of companies taking a smarter, more cost-effective approach to application development.

Become a partner now! 

Contact us at and discover how we can shape Europe’s digital future together.

Prepare for 2023!

The end of the year is approaching, so new challenges for the new year are emerging. Building a development team, scaling your in-house development team or looking for a partner to build your mobile application, software or website? Leave your details for a quick speed date and discover what we can do for you!