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Become Sales Partner for OBM Digital Factory

Robert and Muthu

At OBM Digital Factory, a leading player in the tech industry with locations in the Netherlands and Sri Lanka, we are committed to bridging the gap between the demand and supply of high-quality developers in Europe. Our mission is to support European companies with high-quality development services, something that is essential in today’s rapidly evolving digital world. 


In these exciting times, we are looking for responsible, ambitious and enterprising commercial partners who share our passion for technology and growth. We strive to meet the high demand for quality developers with talents from Sri Lanka. We have a pool of employees and emerging talents with the desired technical stack, from DevOps and back-end development to front-end development and mobile development. 


Are you someone with an extensive network of companies that needs development support? Are you the person who wants to make the leap to entrepreneurship? Please contact us and do not become an employee, but an entrepreneur and valued partner who benefits from the many benefits we offer.

Why become partner?

We are specifically looking for partners who want to take final responsibility in Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Spain. Are you ready to create your own success and at the same time be part of a bigger picture that strives for innovation and quality in the tech world?


Work as an entrepreneur under your own flag and at the same time be part of a larger network.


A very attractive commission structure where your hard work is immediately rewarded with an commission.


Access to our extensive training, sales tools and of course an introduction to our team in the Netherlands and Sri Lanka.


As a partner of OBM Digital Factory, you are not alone. We offer marketing support to help you find the right leads.

OBM Digital Factory offers:

Lower costs

Hiring developers from Sri Lanka can lead to significant cost savings due to the lower labor costs.


Easily scale up or down your development team based on project requirements.

Highly qualified talent

Sri Lanka is the #1 for Affordable Talent in the Asia-Pacific region.

Reduce risks

Convert fixed costs into variable costs. Outsource certain tasks or projects as needed.

Customized team

We provide customized team selection during the recruitment process.

Quick recruitment

We recruit new members within six weeks. This provides continuity and flexibility.

Become a partner now! 

Contact us at and discover how we can shape Europe’s digital future together.

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Prepare for 2023!

The end of the year is approaching, so new challenges for the new year are emerging. Building a development team, scaling your in-house development team or looking for a partner to build your mobile application, software or website? Leave your details for a quick speed date and discover what we can do for you!