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SaaS Project Management solution

The assignment

Bizinline is created by OBM Digital Factory after the desire to improve project management software. Software that was being used was missing certain features, and so the idea of Bizinline was born. Creating project management software to structure not just projects but entire programs, by showing all your information in one central spot.

The solution

In a number of strategic sessions, we devised the Tax Knowledge Platform together with the client; a digital platform where the various target groups are personally addressed.

  • The platform provides RB members with information and support from the RB members and the Bureau Vaktechniek, the internal specialists of the professional association.
  • Members will find interesting legal and tax downloads and can register for courses to earn their Continuing Education points (this is a professional competence requirement for tax specialists to continue developing). In addition to the development, there is an integrated discussion platform that makes it possible to exchange ideas with other members.
  • SME entrepreneurs can find information about similar challenges. In addition, they can find a registered tax advisor in their area for direct support.
  • Tax consultancy firms are supported in the recruitment of new staff through the link with the recruitment platform Tax-Jobs. Here they can post vacancies and connect new young talents.
  • Finally, the platform provides a special portal for students. After all, today’s students are tomorrow’s new members. For this target group, the platform contains practical cases, an opportunity to build a network and an internship marketplace.

Who is Bizinline

The SaaS solution Bizinline has been live since 2014 and was built to improve the workflow of our clients and ourselves. Clients like Rijksvastgoedbedrijf and HES are working with the software to optimise their project management.

It helps to structure and manage your programs and project and does so by showing all your information in one central spot, giving a transparent overview of your resource capacity, progression and costs. You are able to manage single projects or combine several to a program. It offers a big variety of permission options, time reporting and a cloud based document management system. 

Tools it offers

Bizinline has many tools it offers to make project management as easy as possible. This list shows the most important tools.


Add users or invite users with only an email to collaborate and share.


Advanced permissions settings for each user which can be assigned by the admin.


Get informed of all responsibilities that are assigned to you.


Log and describe risks with mitigations and phases.

Time reporting

Easy and intuitive, just write down time and @ and pick task.


Set cost price for resources by assigning position to resources.

Your work

In one place, always visible and accessible.


Log and assign issues and follow up in different phases.

Project templates

Replicate and scale success by creating project templates.

Project timeline

By looking at the timeline users understand in one glance what’s been happening.


Add files to projects, on portfolio level, program level, account level, or to tasks, issues and risks.

Work breakdown structure

Create a task just by clicking on the timeline. Assign and report time and progress.

Services we provide

Finding the right way to develop the technical solution you need can be hard. Can’t find developers? Struggling to scale up your team? Or do you simply need guidance during the development process? We are here to help and expand your digital experience.

Hire developers -w hite

Grow your team or create a dedicated team. Hire developers for the creation, migration or maintenance of software and mobile applications. This is possible with a team from Sri Lanka, but can also be supported and guided from our office in the Netherlands.

Outsourcing - white

We will handle all the tasks necessary for your development project. This includes solution, design, development, project management and DevOps.


Prepare for 2023!

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