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Exclusive quiz for launching the new Xplorer Expedition Yacht

The assignment

Damen Yachting requested an interactive experience to help promote the prelaunch of their latest yacht, the SeaXplorer 60. A select group of invitees is to be invited to this experience, which has to introduce and inform them to the new yacht. This group of invitees consists of captains, brokers and resellers who have a change of winning their own SeaXplorer Experience worth over $60.000. The winner gets to go to either the pacific or a tropical destination with an expedition yacht of Damen Yachting. 


The main target of this assignment is to create a memorable experience for the participants, but gathering new data about these invitees is the second goal. Damen Yachting wants to use this experience to expand their database and to get to know their audience even better. 

This audience is used to different standards than most people, and are familiar with the luxury and high-end products of Damen Yachting. This experience should transfer that same feeling to the users. Everything has to be perfect.

Exclusive interactive quiz

To both impress and inform the participants of the SeaXplorer 60, an interactive quiz is created. Participants receive an exclusive invite with a unique code just for them. They can enter a secured environment by using this code and their e-mail which will bring them to a series of pages informing them about the quiz and the SeaXplorer 60. 


Participants are instructed to prepare for the upcoming quiz, which is set for only a limited time of two hours. Before the countdown is done, participants can learn more about the SeaXplorer and it’s features within this secure environment.


The quiz is a digital expedition trip around the world on a SeaXplorer 60 and takes the participant to all the famous yachting hotspots. Video is used during the quiz to show this journey, and participants have to answer questions about the new yacht. 


Every participant will receive an exclusive Secrid Wallet after finishing the quiz (and leaving their information). This wallet contains a card with a QR code. Scanning this code will take you back to the quiz, and show your personal results. The winner gets to go on that epic expedition trip hosted by Damen Yachting.


Angular, HTML / CSS / Javascript, NestJS, Mongo, Docker, Kubernetes, DigitalOcean

Who is Damen Yachting?

Damen Yachting has been building iconic superyachts for generations for people who want nothing but the best. From their diverse portfolio of Amels superyachts, SeaXplorer luxury expedition yachts, Yacht Support vessels and large yacht refits they have deliverd almost 100 superyachts for both private and charter use.

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