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Reservation App during COVID

The assignment

At the beginning of 2020, the Corona pandemic will also reach the Netherlands. Soon our government will come up with measures to stop the virus. We are going into a hard lockdown. It got us thinking, and a brainstorm led to the idea of ​​a new application: StoreTime.


An app that lets people reserve a time slot in stores so that they can shop safely, even during the pandemic. A solution that should help store owners to get through the Corona period.

StoreTime for consumers

Reservation of timeslot

The StoreTime application gives people the opportunity to reserve a time slot in a store. You search for the store you want to go to, select the right day and the desired time slot. StoreTime keeps track of the availability of time slots, because there is a limit for each time slot due to the one and a half meter society. By working with time slots and a maximum of visitors per time slot, the store spreads the number of people visiting throughout the day.

Unique QR code for each reservation

After confirming your reservation, a QR code is generated that is unique per reservation. The customer must have this QR code scanned in order to access the store. Is the reservation not coming true? Then it can always be canceled from the app, and a spot will become available for another visitor.

StoreTime for store owners

Dashboard to manage your store

Store owners can register for the StoreTime application via the website ( It is possible to add one store or multiple stores to StoreTime at a time. To use StoreTime, a subscription must be purchased. This can be done monthly, quarterly or annually. Payments are made via Stripe, an online payment system. After registering your store, you need to add the necessary information within the store’s dashboard. Think of the length of time slots, how many visitors you can safely receive per time slot and opening hours of the store. When everything is filled in, the store can be put live in the app for visitors. Now visitors can make reservations through the app. How many reservations there are is shown within the dashboard of the store. This tells the store owner how busy the store is going to be.

Scanner app to check reservations

The store staff is responsible for scanning the reservations. To make this as simple as possible, each employee can use his own telephone. So no separate scanner is needed! Employees can download the StoreTime Scanner app. Each store has a unique QR code (which can be found in the store’s dashboard) which can be scanned to link the Scanner app to the store. After linking, the employee can scan QR codes of visitors.


The following has been delivered:

• StoreTime App (Google Play & Apple Store)

• StoreTime Scanner App (Google Play & Apple Store)

• Website including portal

• Dashboard per store

• Integration with Stripe payment system


• Node.js

• React

• Kubernetes

• Mongoldb

• Stripe

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