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Website Rebranding

The assignment

We were requested by every Alstroemeria to reexamine the position of the Alstroemeria (flower), the branding and the already existing website. The already existing website had an outdated design and did not provide the desired freedom of features in the CMS. The commission wanted the website to focus on both the florists and the wholesalers. It has to inspire and inform the target audiences besides showing the assortment of Alstroemeria.


The first thing we did was to research the target audiences of florists and wholesalers. We wanted to learn more about them, about their purchasing behavior and preferences for channels and resources. We also wanted to get an idea of their knowledge of Alstroemeria and how they implement the flower.

We used two types of research to investigate our question. Qualitative research by interviewing 10 florists, and quantitative research by sharing a digital questionnaire. 122 florists replied.


  • 59% of the respondents do their purchasing using webshops of wholesalers and 40% also go to auction houses. 78,9% make purchases several times a week.
  • Florists mostly focus on quality, shelf life and button size. 
  • Florists are familiar with the unique selling points and colors of the Alstroemeria.
  • 61% of the florists always have the Alstroemeria in their shop, 26% often and 10% sometimes. 
  • A third of the respondents say they find the image of the Alstroemeria old-fashioned, although half don’t agree.
  • They use the flower for filling different bouquets, usually classic bouquets.
  • Florists use Facebook and Instagram for their daily inspiration. Pinterest is also common, but less frequently used. 
  • Almost all florists are subscribed to trade magazines, these would be the best offline option for reaching florists.

Research conclusion

Based on the research and wishes from the client, it became clear that the website should look modern and trendy. We made small modifications to the logo to improve visibility on all platforms. We have also expanded the color styles with a darker and a lighter pastel shade. The Alstroemeria is available in different colors, so we wanted to highlight the many options in color by also using it on the website.

Who is every Alstroemeria?

every Alstroemeria is a promotion commission consisting of growers and breeders that have shared interest in promoting the flower: Alstroemeria. every Alstroemeria is there for the florist and works closely with wholesalers and exporters, so every florist can buy their favorite colors all year round and use them at any time.

The Alstroemeria, also known as Inca lily, originates from the cool mountainous regions of the Andes in Brazil, Peru and Chile. Its colorful, lively character is ideal for every type of florist and its customers. The long vase life and year-round availability makes the Alstroemeria suitable for every season.

Website design

The purpose of the website is to inspire and inform florists (and wholesalers) about the Alstroemeria and give tips, advice and background information which can help the target audiences. The assortment has to be present with relevant information for the florist, including a link to the webshops that sell the flower and a FAQ section with answers to common questions.

To further help the image of the Alstroemeria, we have decided to use not only product photos but also photos where the Alstroemeria is being handled by the florist, wholesaler or customer. This way we can show in which different seasons, events, and locations the Alstroemeria can be used. We also added new topics to the inspiration section of the website called everyFlorist and everySeason. In the everyFlorist section, we introduce the florists which sell the Alstroemeria with an interview. everySeason focuses on the current season and how the Alstroemeria can be used in that season (and all others).

The design which we created was then built into a working prototype for the client and us to share. We used Adobe XD to create the design and prototype, since it enables us to easily share the designs with the client and internal teams.

Homepage design with links to inspiration, information and products
Blogpage design with related articles and share functionality


The website was built with WordPress and the page builder Elementor. By using these software solutions, we are able to provide the client with a user friendly content management system and stay within the budget. Using Elementor further enhanced the features that we could use in building the website. We also used Weglot to provide the visitors of the website four different languages to choose from (English, Dutch, German and French). 

To help increase the visitors of the website, SEO had to be improved. We did so by using the Yoast plugin to improve the text and meta information of website and pages. Implementing Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster Tools gives us more insight in the traffic and performance of SEO. The total development time was six weeks. 

Assortment including relevant filters
Product page with information and link to webshops

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