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Launch OBM Digital Factory pvt (ltd) live!

The Joint Venture OBM Digital Factory has started. In addition to the existing activities from the Netherlands, we now also offer software development, mobile applications and web development from Sri Lanka. A milestone as a company, with which we build a bridge between Europe and Sri Lanka. With this bridge we have created the opportunity to meet the need for quality developers in Europe for very competitive prices and also to fulfill a social function in Sri Lanka.


In the last blog, I described the path we have taken to build confidence to set up a foreign organization in Asia. After the online introduction, the appreciation we expressed to each other and the technical knowledge exchange, there are still some challenges that had to be resolved. Consider, for example, the financial assessment of the participating parties, the legal contractual coordination, the technical assessment, the concrete establishment and the physical activities. All important to continue the collaboration.

June 5, 2023 

Technical review

Prior to the establishment of the organization, it was very important to test the technical knowledge. With this we have laid the foundation for the future. The knowledge test led to a technical project, where the developers could prove themselves. We built, shared and tested the business case from the Netherlands. The business case consisted of developing a management portal, management portal and employee portal. Creating a website, login page, profile, financial dashboard and password recovery. The application is developed for Apple and Android. In addition to testing for quality development, we focused on planning and delivering the desired solutions. Our team in the Netherlands carried out the tests and assessed the effects. The results were excellent, so that we could start with the financial review, the legal contractual coordination and the concrete determination.


In addition to the positive technical results, the financial side is of course an element with which we have laid the foundations for good cooperation. Our financial advisor KPMG has provided support from Sri Lanka to map out the challenges the country faces, what the business community must take into account and how we can deal with each other financially in the right way. In consultation with Sebsa’s legal partner, our legal partner Kappelhout has ensured that our agreements and ambitions are incorporated into the contracts.

The agreements we have made within the Joint Venture go beyond the primary ambition. The primary ambition is to support companies in Europe in the development and migration of their digital solutions, so that they are and can remain competitive. We focus on innovations within the cloud, existing and new programming languages and delve into the development of the most appreciated tech stack.

The secondary ambition is to add value to Sri Lanka and our employees. A social ambition that narrows the gap between Europe and Sri Lanka. We want to focus on sustainability by investing in an environmentally friendly office by using new energy sources. In the long term, we want to invest in educational projects, so that young people have the opportunity to follow high-quality and good education.

After the Tsunami and the end of civil conflicts in 2009, the situation has changed for the better and many tourists have been able to get acquainted with this beautiful country. However, the attacks during Easter 2019 had a very negative impact. Tourists left Sri Lanka behind after this period. A drop of almost 17% in 2018 and even 77% according to Macrotrends in 2019. An economic disaster year, followed by two years of Corona. This has given the economy a serious blow, which of course also hits the residents hard. The war in Ukraine has also caused fuel shortages and skyrocketing energy prices in Sri Lanka. This malaise has led to massive inflation, an initial situation that is not an ideal scenario for the future. With the establishment of our Joint Venture, we hope to contribute to the improvement of the economy and society.

Always sustainable online?

After the establishment of the Joint Venture, we proudly opened our new office in Colombo in September 2022. The home base for our staff. For the architecture and construction, all credits are due to Sebsa. Prior to the construction of the office, they took into account the important sustainable ambitions and continuity issues. The new office is built with the future in mind and equipped with the latest technology. Solar panels and battery packs have been used to be able to work energy-independently. Even during the power outage, the office is an ideal place to serve clients all over the world.

During the Corona period, working remotely has become standard for employees in Sri Lanka as well. Therefore, hybrid working has also been taken into account. The energy supply we provide at home will have to make the right contribution to be available at the desired times. In Sri Lanka, with the structural blackout, this is a necessary evil. This is of course also during private moments.

A personal introduction

More than 60 employees are now active within our office in Colombo. Support of the majority of employees in the implementation of the ERP software IFS and the transition to the cloud. In addition, the employees work on the development of mobile applications (Appstore and Playstore) and various platforms. The customers are mainly active within Europe, but companies in Sri Lanka are also helped with digital issues. The recruitment and supervision of employees in Sri Lanka is organized entirely locally by the management. They are the connection between the employees in the Netherlands and Sri Lanka and, with the support of the virtual highway, ensure the right connection.

However, a physical acquaintance is desirable. For team building, interest and of course for the right cooperation in the future. And so we went with our team to visit our office in Sri Lanka. A flight of 13 hours, in which the time difference of 3.5 hours (and 4.5 hours in winter) is realized. In the next blog you’ll be able to read about our trip to Sri Lanka and the introduction between the team in The Netherlands and Sri Lanka.

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